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Posted by: 179 (Guest), February 4th, 2009, 10:28am
After poking around a bit, I discovered how to determine what models a Dell Resource CD covers.

Insert the disk, and say NO to opening Add/Remove programs.  Right click and select explore.  Open the RESOURCES directory.  Open the RCD.mdb database (you will need Microsoft Access); say OK to the Read-Only warning.  Open the PlatformIDs table.  Models covered by the disk will be listed in the table along with their Machine IDs.

There is NO correspondence between the S/N or any other number on the external features of the disks.  I have found two identical resource disks, right down to the revision number, that contain drivers for different Optiplex models.

Go figure.  Anyway, I figure this is good info for a lot of you out there.  BTW, Access 97 works just fine for this, so don't spend a fortune getting the latest.

Happy computing!
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