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Posted: January 5th, 2009, 11:00am Report to Moderator
Guest User

I recently had a virus on my computer and I think I removed all of it now. What

is the best virus remover out there? I have used several different ones from

several Operating systems on same computer to get rid of all traces.  I was

checking in Task manager and noticed some processes that I don't recognize.

Can anyone tell me what these are?

iexplore.exe  this I think is internet explorer but I rarely use it and didn't start it      

          this time
aawservice.exe I think this is part of adaware

homebuilt Athlon 64 3000+   with 2 HD 460 gigs, 6 partitions 3 operating

systems win XP
Thank you Steven
Posted: January 8th, 2009, 5:54am Report to Moderator
Guest User

awc.exe is a process from IOBit.
Alg.exe stands for application layer gateway. This file is considered safe and is generally not spyware, virus, etc. Though there are instances where a virus programs have duplicated this executable.
wscntfy.exe is the Windows Security Center, introduced in Service Pack 2. It displays a tray icon indicating the status of updates, virus protection, and firewall.
pctspk.exe is a process installed alongside PCTEL Communications hardware and provides additional configuration options for these device.
mpfsrv.exe is a process associated with McAfee Personal Firewall from McAfee, Inc..
wfxsvc.exe is a process belonging to Symantec WinFax and operates as the core service for this application.
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Posted: January 12th, 2009, 8:00pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

First, you can try looking up a process on Task Manager at the following web site:

Also, if you can't find it there - along with many other odd things that happen from time to time - just type the process, error message, or other questionable item, into Google all by itself.  Very often there are plenty of entries from various publications, advanced users, forums like this, etc.

Between those two suggestions you're likely to find answers to a whole lot of obscure things that most of us wouldn't automatically know the answer to.

It was difficult to tell for sure whether you're using (or were) more than one antivirus program at a time.  If you are - STOP.  Use only one at a time.

Also, there is no single "best" antivirus program.  There are several very good ones, but none of them is 100%.  For example, my wife's computer recently got infected by the Virtumonde trojan, but her antivirus program didn't pick it  up at all (several good ones don't or didn't until recently).  Ad-Aware actually picked it up, which explained a slow down on web pages loading, inability to set Windows updates to automatic, and a lot of popups despite browser settings.  No matter what we tried, we could not do it ourselves (it's not a "do-it-yourself" removal).  That little gem was exceptionally well written, and protects itself very well.  Plus, you don't necessarily know you're still infected, depending on what you "had."

A good web site to check out is:
Read their "Read This First" post under the Malware forum, and follow their instructions exactly.  Be prepared to wait a few days before you get your answer.  There are some pretty sharp people there who've helped disinfect a lot of people - including many who THINK they're no longer infected.  But they get impatient when you don't follow their instructions, since they're pretty overloaded, they're all volunteers, and it's free.  You might turn off Regvac first or you'll get a lecture about registry cleaners, though.      (I wouldn't be without mine, despite their views in that area - otherwise, they're really good!)

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Posted: January 18th, 2009, 10:29am Report to Moderator
Guest User

The best available complete program is Kaspersky.  Nothing else compares!  Using more than one virus program at a time is counter productive, and will generally conflict withone another.  One virus scan, one firewall, one adware program.  Any thing more will slow the operation of your system.

Kaspersky's, Adaware, will cover all your needs and requirements.  It is by far the best complete system available.  If you need to identify a process on your computer use  It will give you a complete description of the process and if it is legitmate.

Spybot doesn't work well and will not identify all malware.  They are slow with updates and generally out of date on their definition files.  You might also try Housecall from Trend Micro, they have an online scan that works very well.



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Posted: January 18th, 2009, 3:44pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

Just as a clarification, I was not suggesting use of the SpyBot software.  What I was referring to was the use of their forum.  There are (currently) 19 volunteers around the world who are there to assist people with really troublesome malware infections, such as Virtumonde that my wife had.  Over a 4-day period and well over a dozen messages back and forth, with a lot of specialized utilities being run and logs being provided back to the volunteer (mine is in Finland!), we finally got my wife's computer clean as of today.  No "regular" antivirus program will get rid of it as far as I can find.  These guys (and at least one woman as far as I can tell) are incredible - not just in their knowledge, but in their willingness to spend hours and hours each week - at no charge - to walk people through some very complicated steps toward a fully clean computer.

Yes, Kaspersky is rated exceptionally high.  I am a bit put off by the price, though.  I know - "you get what you pay for."  But I'm not convinced that that kind of price justifies the relatively small difference in effectiveness between Kaspersky's software, vs. a less expensive one - and for only a single computer.  Some companies provide a 3-user license for less than that, and then my wife and I could run it on each of our computers.  But $60 per computer?!?  Uh - no can do.  I do know that AVG - our trusted software for many years - missed Virtumonde on her computer, so it's just been kicked to the curb in our household.  I'm awaiting final recommendations from"my" tech in Finland.  I figure they're experts at getting rid of viruses, trojans, etc., so they're likely pretty "up" on what has more or fewer problems than others, and detects a large number of malware infections.

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