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Posted by: liltenn69 (Guest), May 22nd, 2015, 5:22pm
I am trying to repair a computer. I am a Computer Information Sciences Student but I need a little more detail from someone with more experience. Here is my issue:
My mother-in-law has a laptop that she has had for a while but she does not remember her password to get into it and no longer has her Windows Installation CD. But I do have a back up cd from another computer with Windows 7. Can I use this?
My next issue is:
the original windows log on screen is shifted to the right so you can only see part of it and the little bit on the left contains multi-colored lines and black. If any one may have an idea of the cause of this and how to repair it please help. Also, I can send you pictures of my screen in order for you to see the display issue at hand.
Thank you.
Posted by: Ray, June 7th, 2015, 10:47pm; Reply: 1
   The password is key here. You need to figure out the password. My guess is that even if she had the Windows Installation CD, she would need the password.
   If you cannot figure out the password, I would suggest taking it the a computer repair shop and paying the money for them to fix it. They will most likely wipe it clean and start with a new installation.
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