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Posted by: IanRobbo (Guest), December 22nd, 2013, 3:27am
Hi Ray,
I've been a fan of your programs since I was a baby (at least 100 years ago!) and a user of RegVac and A1Click for just about as long.  Thanks for two great products that really do work as promised.
My question refers to A1Click:
Every few months I run a program called ReImage (which refreshes/repairs damaged or missing Windows 7 files on the fly).  This program creates a lot of temporary files that remain on my system (mainly to assist with any future need to restore to the earlier setup if required).  Now when a say "a lot of temporary files' I do mean a lot.  Typically about 75,000 are created after each ReImage run!  And of course these take up a fair bit of space: maybe 1 or 2 Gb.
To recover this waste I run A1Click regularly - once every 3 months.
As would be expected it finds all these files without a problem (and marks them safe to remove).
The cleaning process always starts off well... but after about 10,000 files have been removed the program slows to a grinding pace.  When this happens it takes about a second to remove each new file - so you can imagine how long the whole procedure takes.  Sometimes it extends over 2 (or even 3) sessions!  And all the time system resources are being used up of course...  sometimes resulting in unexpected slowdowns of other running programs.
Is there any way I can set A1Click to remove all these unwanted files more quickly?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
Posted by: Ray, December 23rd, 2013, 9:00am; Reply: 1
  If you do not have Use No Remains Deletion unchecked in Cleaner Settings, you need to uncheck that (from what you have described, it sounds like you already have it unchecked).  Other than that, there is no way you can set A1Click to remove those files quicker.
   We have not run into that problem.
   I don't know, if closing A1Click at the end of a session and then running it again the next session would speed things up or not.
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