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Posted by: brian29dublin (Guest), December 5th, 2013, 4:47am
So I have a late 2008 macbook that had osx on it, however that hard drive crashed. I have a copy of osx mavericks (large 5.6gb file) that I can not burn on to a dl dvd with out using the mac. However i do have a windows 7 computer. I also have a 250gb external 2.5 sata hdd via usb to the 7 computer.  Are there any programs, or ways that i can either make a bootable "usb" hard drive to install it on the mac - or - is there a way to extract osx on to the hard drive and then place it internally in to the macbook?  (all using the windows 7 computer, no access to any mac)

Thank you.
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