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Posted by: pjnewman, February 28th, 2013, 7:10pm
I have 2 Dell D600 laptops.  Both were originally loaded with Windows XP, and both were updated to Windows 7 - prior to my ownership.  I purchased both just to have some machines to carry here and there with access to WiFi - no heavy work or gaming or anything like that.  

The first, I can connect and use the WiFi, but when I shut down the machine, I must do a hard shut down, as it gets stuck in a loop of restarting if I try the correct way to shut down.  This only happen when I have fired up the WiFi.  Otherwise it shuts down properly.  I tried change the WiFi adaptor, but then the machine wouldn't start at all.  I had to put the old adapter in, just to get it to fire up.

Now the second machine...  It came with a new WiFi adaptor installed.  It's tremendously slow, so I have cleaning it out - getting rid of unwanted programs and cleaned the registry etc.  After this house cleaning I shut it down.  When I went to restart it - zip.  On a whim, I disconnected the WiFi card, and sure enough the machine fired up.  I shut it down properly, reconnected the wifi, and it fired up OK.

Any idea what the relationship with these wifi adaptors and why they can cause a computer not to start at all.

While I was writing this I was re-starting the second machine - which I bought off eBay.  Darned seller loaded an illegal copy of Windows 7 on it - so I guess I'll be taking this one back to XP one way or another. Errr...
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