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Posted by: willieboy (Guest), July 13th, 2011, 6:14am

I usually switch on at the mains when I begin working on my computer, then start the computer screen and then lastly press on the computer start button and the screen lights up showing the desktop. I've been doing the same thing for several years now. Since last week, however, the computer starts but no picture shows up on the screen. So I turned off the computer, waited 10 min. and re-started it. Same result - no picture. My wife said to check the fuse on the screen plug. I checked the fuse - no smell of burning - turned it around and re-started the system. This time I switched on the computer first, waited a while, may be a minute and then switched on the screen. Marvellous - screen back to normal. Today when I began I'm back to the same problem all over - no picture again whether I start the screen first or the computer first. This is really getting troublesome!!! Can any expert on these matters pl. come to the rescue and help me out, in a step by step fashion. Many thanks, have a nice day. ??)
Posted by: 112 (Guest), July 13th, 2011, 8:14am; Reply: 1
   Most monitors (screens) will turn off if they do not get a signal from the computer.  When you turn the monitor on, the power light will turn to green as the screen is looking for a signal.  When it does not find a signal, the power light will turn to yellow or turn off.  If it does eventually get a signal, the monitor will come back on.
   So the first thing I would suggest is that you check the cable between the computer and the monitor.  If that seems to be OK, I would suggest finding a different monitor and hooking it up to your computer.  If it works, your other monitor is going bad.  If it does not work, something is wrong with the computer.
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