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Posted by: seafest (Guest), May 25th, 2011, 9:54am
I got excited when I saw your program, EZ File Transplanter, because I work with video programs (specifically Windows Movie Maker and Video Edit Magic) that have video files and jpg's attached within the project files.  I'm reorganizing and want to move all of these file folders to another location, but don't want to have to reattach all the links.  I downloaded the trial version of this program and tested it with just one folder, but the end result was that no links were moved.  When I went into the Windows Movie Maker file that had been moved, all the links to the videos and jpg's were missing.  Perhaps I'm trying to use this program in a way it's not intended to be used.  Please advise.
Posted by: 112 (Guest), May 26th, 2011, 8:42am; Reply: 1
   EZ File Transplanter looks for links in the files that are left behind to the files that you move and replaces those links with the new location.
   I assume you are also moving the videos and jpgs.
   You could use the Map Only option in EZ File Transplanter.  Move the files (with or without EZ File Transplanter).  Then use the Map Only option to scan the drive of where you moved the files to.  In the "Find what" textbox put the old part of the old location and in the "Replace with" textbox put the new part.  For example, if you are moving folders from C:/oldfolder/videofolder/subfolders to D:/newfolder/videofolder/subfolders then you would put "C:/oldfolder/" in the "Find what" textbox and "D:/newfolder/" in the "Replace with" textbox.  This will search for "C:/oldfolder/" in all of the files of the designated drive and when EZ File Transplanter finds it, it will replace it with "D:/newfolder/".  Be sure you tell it to scan all files.
   Be sure that what you enter in the "Find what" textbox is exclusive to your situation.  If you put "C:/Program Files/" it may change more than you want it to change.  I would suggest checking the "Stop and Verify each Mapping Change" checkbox so you can see what it is finding and you can approve the changes.
   If the project file is encrypted in any way, this will not work but otherwise it should.
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