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Posted by: tlori72 (Guest), December 26th, 2010, 1:30pm
I only know a little bit about computers and need a little advise on what I really need and can get rid of. I currently have Ccleaner, Spybot Search and Destroy, WinPatrol, Malwarebytes, SUPERAntispyware, Scotty and OutPost Firewall. I know I don't need all of these for protection but am not sure which ones are the better ones and sufficient enough and I'm sure having all of them is probably the reason my computer takes forever to start up and shut down now. All the scans result in clean/no viruses. I guess you can say I'm a little paranoid of all the viruses and malwares out there. I've had to clean them out before and it was a royal pain in the tush to get rid of them and don't ever want to go through that again. Also, when we moved for some reason I can't secure my wireless router and when I do I lose my internet connection. Can someone please tell me how to secure it and still have interenet? There are 3 computers that are in our house and all need the wireless connection but I don't want anyone else to access it. Thanks ahead for any advise anyone has to offer.
Posted by: 112 (Guest), December 27th, 2010, 12:00pm; Reply: 1
   Spybot, Malwarebytes, and SuperAntispyware all do the same thing.  It does not sound like you have an antivirus program.  Some of those may take care of some viruses but you need a full fledged antivirus program.  I would get rid of the antispyware programs and just get a good antivirus program.  A good antivirus program will also remove valid spyware.
   You secure the router by setting it up with a password.  Then you use that password with each of the computers that connect to the router.  You should only have to enter the password on each of the computers the first time that you connect up.  I don't know why it is not working for you.  I would suggest reading the instructions that come with your router, looking on the router's website, or calling the router's support phone number to get help.  Or you can probably find someone who has installed a router before and have that person look at it.
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