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Posted by: SiN_Scorpion (Guest), November 15th, 2009, 2:05pm
I was looking to find info about this printer on google, and how to fix the issue and I found this.

"drplunk - I'm looking for a driver for a Seiko Printer the model is CH-4104C. Its is an older thermal printer. I've searched with google and I've checked with Seiko and they can't help. I'm would like the driver to work with Window XP or at least Windows 98 SE.
Ray - I would look at Seiko's website and see if they have drivers for it. If not, there are websites of drivers out there. They have been referenced before on this board. Maybe someone else will suggest one.
dickiesam - You might try a search at . I have found several 'difficult-to-source' drivers here.
drplunk - Thanks for the info. I was able to get the problem resolved."

Is it just me or did someone forget to mention how they fixed there problem. I mean It would have made life a lot better for me then I would not have to wait and spend a million hours looking for a replacement driver for an out dated

anyways this printer I have is not on the OEM website and they will not help with it. and the drivers were not on so if someone knows this drplunk and can ask him how he got it working for windows xp or if you have fresh ideas that a computer geek would not have already tryed.
that would be awsome.
Posted by: SiN_Scorpion (Guest), November 15th, 2009, 3:23pm; Reply: 1
After searching for a while I found this doc. and it shows a list of printer drivers in XP.
you might have to manualy set them up ike I did.

the printer that is now way out of date works.

hope this helps someone else.

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