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Posted by: 113 (Guest), October 29th, 2009, 3:25am
    My daughter bought herself a new laptop and sent her old one to me. It is only 3 years old, ancient you know, and when it arrived it worked great. Since I have always only had Desk tops this was new to me so I had an evening just playing around with it learning how to use my finger on the plate in stead of a mouse. You know, all the few differences I needed to find out how to work. I made no changes on it anywhere the shut it down and left it for the night.
    The next day I started it up, the music was gone and I was getting error messages that things were missing. I thought, just redownload I Tunes from the net and that should fix the problem. I hooked it up to my Ethernetand it could not find the server. I thought, well, maybe somehow a driver became corrupt, doubtful but went into the device Manager to look and to my surprise, there was nothing in the Device Driver Window. It was not hidden, the tree plain was not there. Now I am rreallybaffled. She sent me a perfect working laptop and I  managed to turn it into a non working laptop in one evening. What could I have done? I have not clue. Nothing that I have not done with my desk top.
    Any Idea's???????? I am baffled... Thanks, A B    :o
Posted by: 113 (Guest), November 3rd, 2009, 5:24pm; Reply: 1
Did I do something wrong? No one has answered my questions yet? Do I need to go to a different forum?
Posted by: 207 (Guest), November 4th, 2009, 10:40am; Reply: 2

Usually, when a tech question is ignored around here, the reason is that nobody knows the answer.

I have been maintaining and repairing my own machines for about 25 years - you see, there's something in the world even older than your laptop - and I have two pieces of paper from CompTIA saying that I must know something about something, and I've never heard of anything as weird and extreme as your story.

In addition to bumping your thread here every once in a while, you might try posting at and .

I have had good experiences with both of them, though neither is remarkably fast.  Both are free.

By the way, what version of Windows are you using, and do you have an installation disk or disks for it?  If so, what is on them?  (The installation disk for a laptop can include anything from a full version of an OS to nothing compounded with nothing.)

Good luck.
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