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Posted by: cicerosc (Guest), July 6th, 2009, 1:33pm
I apologize but I could not find this is in the help system.

If I am using Winrescue XP, should I turn off Windows System Restore?  I have been having trouble with System Restore not working when I ask it to, so I am thinking I might as well just turn it off completely.

Could you offer a little information as to whether I should do that?

thanks for your excellent program.
Posted by: dlwolff0, July 6th, 2009, 8:44pm; Reply: 1
When I ran XP, I never had an instance where I got system restore to work.
I tried it three times in different cases before finally giving up on it and turning it off.
I don't say that it will never work, just that it never worked for me.
I found out one fact recently that may explain why system restore has so many problems. It seems that if a system restore file is corrupt, any files made after that one will also be corrupt until it is removed.

As far as Winrescue and system restore, they should be completely independent of each other, meaning turning system restore on or off shouldn't affect the backup program.
Posted by: Ray, July 9th, 2009, 7:47am; Reply: 2
   dlwolff0 is right about WinRescue.  System Restore has no affect on it.  I would keep System Restore on though because WinRescue can restore the registry part of Restore Points.
   Another bad thing about System Restore is that after a reinstall of Windows, the old Restore Points are not shown even though they may exist.  And yet another problem with System Restore is that it does not work outside of Windows, so if Windows crashes, the Restore Points will not help you out (unless you use WinRescue to restore the registry part of them).
Posted by: steve02usa (Guest), July 13th, 2009, 10:13am; Reply: 3
Hello -

I have been using Windows XP System Restore points for many years with very few problems.  There was one time where the System Restore point was corrupted and prevented me from restoring back.  All I did was turn off System Restore, reboot the system, turn back on System Restore, and everything has been working perfrect every since.  I make it a habbit to creat a System Restore point each day before doing any maintenance.  I have used the System Restore point to back out any applications that may have caused problems on my system.  If you have the disk space available, I would highly recommend using Windows XP System Restore just as an extra level of safety.  
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