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Posted by: dhumpal (Guest), July 9th, 2008, 1:26pm
I have Norton Internet Security 2008.  When I try to use RegPack in WinRescue XP, I get a message that I must turn off Norton.  I tried to do so but I still get the same message and, thus, cannot use RegPack.  Can someone please tell me exactly what to do to disable Norton IS 2008 so that I can use RegPack?  Thanks.
Posted by: Ray, July 10th, 2008, 11:40am; Reply: 1
   Help in WinRescue tells what to do.  You must follow those instructions.  I have put them below.
   Please be aware that RegPack always shows one of two error messages.  One allows you to continue (this means Norton was not found by WinRescue but it is warning about it anyway) and the other does not allow you to continue.
   WinRescue looks for the words, norton and symantec, in the filepath of each startup item.  If you follow the instructions below and still get the error message not allowing you to continue, you did not uncheck an item that has the word, norton, or the work, symantec, in it.

Instructions for Disabling Norton
1. Go to Run on Window's Start menu.
2. Type msconfig and click on the OK button.
3. Go to the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utility.
4. Uncheck every item for Norton or Symantec (this means any item that has the word norton or symantec anywhere in its filepath).
5. Restart Windows and make sure that Norton does not start.
6. If Norton is not running in the background, it is safe to run RegPack or Restore.
7. Later you can go back to msconfig and recheck the unchecked items.
Posted by: dhumpal (Guest), July 10th, 2008, 12:00pm; Reply: 2
Thanks for the help.  I will follow those instructions.  I was hoping for something easier.  i always fear that I will not remember to re-check the boxes is MSCONFIG.  But I will keep a list of items checked so that I do not miss any after running RegPack,
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