wierd audio sounds March 22nd, 2019, 12:22pm
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  Author    wierd audio sounds
Posted: February 22nd, 2008, 5:50pm Report to Moderator
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ok i just signed up here.and i would say   about 3 5 month somethin like that i get these odd audio sounds   like a high screetch or skreech whisk type audio  and i tell you what wearing my headphones a lot when it comes on  for the 2 - 3 seconds.  or however fast it it i litterally jump out of my skin.
now just to help you understand this i also get this same thing in audio   buth this other audio that comes up it says    "usa"  and believe me i can have the volume on very low and all these sounds in cluding a sound that reminds of the old days when a person ringed somethin up you buy   the register makes this  clicking scrool sound...plus i heas some kind of short note  example .:   dading di ding    what ever it is it has gotten to a point im used to it but annoyin as all get out.
any kind of i dea would shure be nice.
and what ever you know how to  fix this idd much appreciate .
all i ask is be a bit more descriptive   indepth to a point so i could follow along as gettin into files and changin some things i really dont mess with that .
i change a few settings back and forth depending what it is and thats all i do.

and 1 other quick thing   i read and did not understand the reply was when windows goes to search for a file it takes forever and does not show it right away.
i think it was mentioned about  changing something in explorer  so the search would find the files and hidden files .
i believe changing this would speed up the search detail.
so in short make a brief  description on what to do.
this way i can remember this of save it to a note pad file for later reference as i do put this info as such on a dvd.
you can email me at bwolive1 at yahoo.com  if you wish.so i know ill get the answer in case i do not know where to retrieve my message here.
just playing it safe .
make subject line ::   computer audio noise/search files
thanx to whom ever can help me.
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Posted: February 23rd, 2008, 5:31am Report to Moderator
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Goto the Control Panel and click on    Sounds and Audio Devices
Click on the  Sounds  tab and in the Sound scheme box choose No Sounds. You can save your existing setup using ths SaveAs button.
See if the sounds repeat them selves after this is done.
If the sounds continue even when the computer is shut off STOP SMOKING THAT STUFF.
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