Error message from System Restore October 20th, 2018, 9:24pm
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  Author    Error message from System Restore
Posted: August 21st, 2012, 12:46pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

In advance I apologize for the quality of my English language.

Topic:      Error message from System Restore.

At this moment I work about 9 months with a new computer running Windows 7.
Since July 28, 2012 I (suddenly) have a problem with System Restore. This problem is (probably) originated after installing and using the program Argente Registry Cleaner. I make regular use  of SystemRestorePoints when performing system maintenance and when I install new programs. (As a precaution against any defects afterwards)

For your information I give below in chronological order a summary of the key actions on July 27 and 28, 2012:

July 27, 2012:
-      Made SystemRestorePoint: "In connection with own maintenance July 07,2012".
     (Successful completion)
-      I tried running A1 Click Ultra PCCleaner. Unfortunately, it appeared that I had a Trial version
     (this is the result of the conversion to a new computer and the transition to Windows 7 at
     december 2011).
      Therefore I purchased a new version, downloaded it , and installed and ran it.
      Result: 26923 problems found, whith a memory occupation of 750 MB.
      After starting Cleaning action: 26830 Problems Cleaned, 26 problems not removed.
-      Made SystemRestorePoint: "After installing and running new version A1 Click PC Cleaner".
     (Successful completion)

-      From CCleaner a new version downloaded and installed. Now version 3.21.1767.
-      With CCleaner monitored the "Register": about 6 screen pages with errors found.
     I let all the problems to be repaired. (including registry backup made: see cc_20120727_184158 and
-      Note of CCleaner on the registry: ďKey Winamp.File.xmz contains no information and can therefore be
     removedĒ. (I donít understand this remark)

July 28, 2012:

-      In connection with the desirability of a registry-clean-up program on my system I have
     downloaded, installed and run Argente Registry Cleaner v (64 bit) (NL version for  
     Win7). (I have used this program (other version) for about 2 years on our labtop under Vista)

-      Iíve let the register being analyzed and being repaired.  (3132 errors, 182 restored and
      2950 errors were "not recovered")

-      2nd time Iíve let the register being analyzed and being repaired. (101 errors , these
     101 registry errors could not be recovered)

-      3rd time Iíve let the register being analyzed and repaired: exactly the same result as in "2nd

-      Iíve now stopped Argente.

-      In connection with the fact that I, at this moment, discover that a) the icon for "System
      Restore" has disappeared and b) the icon (in the taskbar) for "Clippings" ("Snipping Tool")
     also has disappeared, I think it is useful to run a System Restore operation. I have used the
     most recent restore point, namely: "After installing and running new version A1 Click PC

-      The System Restore action seems to work well for a long time but, at the very end of the
      operation (ie after the restart of the system, during  the re-building of the desktop), it
     comes  with the following error message:

"System Restore did not complete. The system files and settings on your computer are not changed.

System Restore could not extract  the original copy of the folder from the restore point.
Source:          % System Root% \ registration
Purpose:      ComPlusStaging

Try restoring the system with a different restore point.
For more information, System Restore: frequently asked questions. "

Hereinafter, any attempt to perform System Restore is terminated with this message.
I have performed System Restore several times, also with other, previously created, restore points.
The error message remained the same in all these cases.

Moreover, the rest of the system works well, which Iíve experienced meanwhile already for 3 weeks.
For your information, I have furthermore checked to see if this error is also mentioned by the Windows event log, which is indeed the case. I give below the message which I've found (and which is repeated exactly the same number of times, that I did run the System Restore in the wrong situation):
ďEvent Properties  -  Event 8206,  System Restore.
The selected restore point is corrupted or deleted during the restore (After installing and running new version A1 Click PC Cleaner).
Log Name:      Application
Source:           System Restore           Joined:           28/7/2012 4:43:20 p.m.
ID:           8206                Task Category:      None
Level:           Error                Keywords:      Classic
User:           NA                Computer:      Tristan2
More Info:      Help online "

As the only known to me test for the system itself, I have run the program "Monitoring System Files" (Sfc.exe).
Result: - "There are no violations of the integrity found."

Unfortunately, after  this program the error messages of System Restore keeps coming.

In advance many thanks for an indication how I should  tackle this problem.

Sincerely, Tristan Koomen.
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