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  Author    Factory Reset
Posted: September 23rd, 2010, 6:11pm Report to Moderator
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HI all

I am trying to factory reset my Iqon Laptop, NOT due to a critical windows error, but I want to start afresh, get rid of everything (old virus' etc) and hopefully make the Laptop run smoother.

(please bare in mind, my Internal DVD Drive does not work)
So far I have,

1- Attached External DVD Drive, and put in my Windows XP Re-Installation CD. This came with the laptop.

2- Changed BIOS to load from CD first

3- Pressed F10, F12, F11, F2 in boot up to get to a recovery mode, but only got lists of safe mode and set up etc.

4- Transferred all Installation CD data to a USB Memory Stick and changed BIOS to USB first.

But nothing seems to work. Windows just always seems to start up.

The closet I have got is to go into the files on the recovery disc and launch it from windows, but this gets 1/2 way through something and then stops.

Also when I try with the USB stick, windows does not launch, but nothing happens, black screen.

Sorry for the long explanation, but wanted to say what I have already tried.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Posted: September 28th, 2010, 1:49pm Report to Moderator
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   I think that you are going to have to get an internal DVD drive that works (maybe you can borrow one from another computer).  
   This is my guess as to what is going on.  When you tell it to load the CD first, it is trying to load the internal DVD drive.  When that does not work, it loads Windows.  The external drive is connected by USB.  I think that you have to have an Operating System running and software that will process the USB in order to use it, so neither of them (the eternal harddrive and the Stick) will work.  That is why the USB stick only shows a blank screen.
   Have you tried running the Install (or Setup) file on the Windows CD while Windows is running?
   Like I said before, I think you are going to have an internal CD/DVD drive that works.
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Posted: October 7th, 2010, 10:20am Report to Moderator
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Your Windows XP Re-Installation CD will only restore the OS, for example after a system crash. The Windows XP Re-Installation CD will not remove any programs on the HD.

But, that said, the so-called Recovery CDs created by users when they bought later model computers that no longer come with a factory OS Re-Installation CD, will usually 'wipe' the HD of a machine clean when a 'recovery' is performed.

Don't understand why you want to do this 'clean-up', which can only be done by reformatting the HD. Why not simply uninstall all the programs you put on the HD, If, as you say, there is a virus in the system, you will have to remove that using an AV program's removal tool otherwise it might prevent a reformat.

Having done the total uninstall, it is vital you clean up the registry to remove all the old, now redundant settings etc, with RegVac. Do a defrag and you should have clean machine.

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