Really buggy Hard Drive October 22nd, 2018, 11:04am
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  Author    Really buggy Hard Drive
Posted: August 24th, 2009, 3:04am Report to Moderator
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   I have a friend that downloads everything that pops us and he can't figure out why his computer is slow, crashes and is generally a mess. Since it was clear I was not going to get his computer to let me do any scans on it, I took the HD out and hooked it up as a slave on my own machine. I scanned the dickens out of it, First scan, over 59 Thousand errors found with A1Click PC cleaner. I did a few more scans and kept finding more and more hiding here and there. Then did a Malware Adware scan, that was a total mess and finally a Registry scan and clean up. So, thinking that everything was just dandy, I put it back into his PC now all I get is the long beep every time I try and boot up. I never touched anything else in the computer, Nada. I thought it was the memory possibly worked loose to took it out and reseated it to be sure it was in tight. Still kept getting the continuous long beep. Well, I don't see how the MB could have been effected when I didn't even touch it. You guys got any idea's what might be another problem that causes this beep sequence. I even tried a different sick of RAM, no difference. I am stumped. Please help?    
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Posted: August 24th, 2009, 11:28am Report to Moderator
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   I would check all of the connections that you touched and make sure they are in securely and correctly.
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Posted: August 31st, 2009, 8:47am Report to Moderator
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When you hooked the hard drive up in your PC as a slave drive and did all the cleanup, you probably either damaged or deleted information in its boot sector and possibly critical parts of the operating system.  Try putting it back into your own PC and check to see if all of the operating system components are still intact.

You might also want to check and make sure you did not change any of the switch or jumper settings when you set up the drive as a slave.  If all else fails, you can reformat the drive and reinstall everything, including the operating system.

Good luck.
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Posted: August 31st, 2009, 1:10pm Report to Moderator
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   I will do as you suggested, I have three computer I am working on and I think I need to just take one at a time. I am getting confused. LOL As soon as my lap top gets here I am going to rebuild this PC as well.
    I don't know where my head was but not where it should have been a couple weeks ago. I wanted to take out the CD burner and put in my new CD-DVD burner and like some cave man I pulled the cable from the mother board out while the PC was still up and running. Wellllllllllllllllll, everything else still works but I must have burned out the Secondary attachment to the board because my computer can't find the CD-ROM or the DVD burnernow. I have used different ribbons that has not made any difference so came to the upper conclusionwhen I did that. Wish the thing were SATA so I could switch over but don't have the money right now to get new MB and start from scratch.
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