What is included in the basic memory? October 21st, 2018, 9:51pm
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  Author    What is included in the basic memory?
Posted: February 14th, 2009, 7:20am Report to Moderator
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I'm using SpeedStartup, I have used all kinds of programmes to reduce programs, defragmented, cleaned the Registry with Regvac etc...but still my basic memory is between 430 and 500 MB. I use 2 GB of Ram with Windows XP Home and SP3. What is exactly contained in these 500MB? Of course the whole Windows (250MB ?) and Applications and Documents etc... or what?
I cannot reduce this until now. ( I have also changed all handling of Windows to the most classic and basic way).
Normally this is no problem, but because I use it as a Music PC, it is very important.
When I load now Cubase and a song I'm working on, it goes up directly to 7-800 MB and more. If I use some plug-ins which cost also memory, I suddenly get some drop-outs and I can see that the PC-memory is getting overloaded and very tide.
Someone can give me more details about this problem?
Thanks a lot
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Posted: February 14th, 2009, 9:43am Report to Moderator
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   You are confusing two types of memory.  One memory is on your hard drives.  Your programs and data are stored in that memory.  Using A1Click and defragging can optimize the memory on the hard drives.  It sounds like this is not the memory that you are referring to.
   The other type of memory is RAM.  It is the memory that handles what is currently open on your computer.  For more information about RAM see my article on RAM at http://superwin.com/RaysComputerTips/Issue4.htm#computer.
   The easiest way to lessen the usage of RAM is to quit all programs that you are not using (Speed Startup can help by detecting programs started in the background that you may not know are running and getting rid of them).  It is OK to use a lot of RAM (that is what it is there for, to be used) as long as you do not use it all or come close to using it all.  When you do, things slow down and errors will occur.
   Windows has a thing called virtual memory which helps free up RAM by moving some of the RAM to the harddrive.  Virtual memory is slower than RAM but is only limited by the free space on your harddrive.
   The numbers you give sound normal.  If you want more RAM, you should buy more RAM and install it in your computer.
   Programs have a memory footprint, the amount of RAM they need to run.  The bigger a program is and the more a program does, the more RAM it needs.  Programs that are poorly written also can use a lot of RAM.  Cleaning and defragging will not lessen the amount of RAM used.
   So your options are either to quit programs using up the RAM and run more efficient programs, or buy more RAM.
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Posted: February 15th, 2009, 7:32pm Report to Moderator
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Thanks Ray for your feedback.
I understand clearly what you are saying and I'm not feeling confused because it is how I see it also. The thing is if I want use more RAM I have to move to XP64 or Vista, otherwise it is not possible. That is of course an option, but there might be other problems like some drivers missing in 64 bit, although a lot of effort has been made lately.
I have only running Speedstartup and my soundcard in the background, and that is a must.
If you think that the figures are quite normal, that reassures me. Still trying to lessen the amount of RAM used, because big files in a music-program can eat a lot of the CPU.
Steinberg Cubase is the best professionnal program on the market, so I have to deal with that. Only the 64-bit version is a future possibility.
I will check out also your article on the matter
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Posted: February 25th, 2009, 5:14am Report to Moderator
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Couple of points.

You can install up to 4 MB of RAM in Windows XP. Unfortunately it will use approximately 3.5 MB which would still help your situation.
Secondly, placing your page file on your fastest hard drive and properly defragging this drive will help.
Obviously, closing all unnecessary services (services.msc from Run) prior to running Cubase will free additional memory.
Also you can make Kontakt take (stream) more data direct from disc to reduce your memory requirements.
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