New computer ?? December 12th, 2018, 8:04am
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  Author    New computer ??
Posted: June 4th, 2008, 1:24pm Report to Moderator
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[1] I've been thinking of buying a new computer.
I have a Compaq Presario for some time now.
It has a 2.7 Celeron CPU
My knowledge of computers is VERY little...
I've been looking at the HP site on the internet.
Some of the computers show CPU's 2.20 etc, in that range. Which seem to be slower than the one I already have.
But now, they must be a lot faster with what they call Dual-Core, Triple-Core, etc etc..
Can anyone offer me suggestions as to what all this means and compares to my old Compaq Presario. I don't understand what I read. I've been looking at the Elite and near near that level. Maybe I don't really need something like that. I really don't know.
[2] Will I be able to run my Windows XP Home software on Vista?  32-bit right?
What about the 64-bit? What is to be run on that? I guess we are being led in that direction by Microsoft. What are the advantages? Just speed?
[3] What about I think is called PCI slots? I install my own Sound Card. I read somewhere that there were not any PCI slots in one of the computers. I could be wrong about that. Maybe that was Dell or some other brand.
Well that is about all I know about computers. I have no understanding regarding the tech specs I read. Or what the 'options' would do for me. I suppose best to leave them alone to save me some money  
I will appreciate any information and suggestions anyone has to offer.
With appreciation...

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Posted: June 4th, 2008, 2:14pm Report to Moderator
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   If I were you, I would just buy the cheapest computer or something in the cheapest range.  It will be good enough for what you need and should have all of what you need.
   PCI slots are where the cards (audio, graphics, modem, ports, etc) for running hardware are put.  If you are going to switch over some cards from your old computer to the new, look to see what kind of slots they use and make sure the new computer has those type of slots.  Sometimes graphics cards use special slots.
   If you can buy an XP computer, you will be better off.  If not, your XP software may or may not run properly in Vista.  Most probably will.  Vista just presents a lot of unnecessary hurdles for the software programmer.  Most software has figured it out by now.
   Everything should work in 64bit too.  64 bit should be faster and handle bigger sizes if the software is built for 64 bit.  Otherwise, you will not notice any difference.
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Posted: June 6th, 2008, 7:53pm Report to Moderator
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Thank you for the reply...
Your answers/suggestions were helpful enough...
With appreciation
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