Uninstalling Client Services for Netware January 23rd, 2019, 8:56pm
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  Author    Uninstalling Client Services for Netware
Posted: August 1st, 2007, 9:33pm Report to Moderator
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Ok this problem has been bugging me for a couple of days now and i have tried everything i found on the internet as solutions.  My problem:

"Client Services for Netware has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching.  To restore these features you must uninstall Client Services for Netware".

I'm trying to bring back my usual Welcome screen where i can click on my name to log in and switch between users.  I have no clue how it happened but it recently started only showing the older stlye log in screen where i have to insert my name and password.  Every time i try to go into my user accounts and change the way i log in i get the above message.

I use Microsoft XP Media Center Edition Version 2002

Here is what else i have tried:
-Finding Client services for netware under properties under my LAN.  It wasn't there at all and yes i checked the properties for evey connection.  The closest thing i found was Client services for Microsoft.
-No it is not on my add/remove programs list either
-Next i went into my device manager and told it to show all the hidden devices.  I was hoping to find something there that read novell or anything with netware in it.  But no such luck.  However i'm not that computer smart so i'm not sure if any of them have anything to do with it indirectly.
-Next i was something that said i could delete these keys to get rid of it...
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers\NetWare Print Services

None of those three keys are even on my computer.  

- My final attempt was to out change the GinaDLL value: from "NWGINA.DLL" to "MSGINA.DLL".  However I never had NWGINA.DLL, i had RTGINA.DLL.  I then changed that file to MSGINA.DLL hoping my problem was resolved.  

After everything i tried i went back to manage my user accounts to see if that message still appeared and it did.  I still cannot use fast user switching or the welcome screen untill CSNW is uninstalled.  I cannot find it anywhere and i really want my welcome screen back.

Sorry if i left out any information or if you have any questions please let me know.  Also any insight into my problem will be greatly appreciated.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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Posted: August 3rd, 2007, 7:21pm Report to Moderator
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Only thing that I can think of is that Netware may be installed on some other account on your computer or your network [if any].
If this is a stand alone computer with no other users, than I am also baffled.
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Posted: August 3rd, 2007, 11:31pm Report to Moderator
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There actually is two other accounts on my computer, which is the administrator account xp had set up when i first got it and a guest one.  Never thought of going to either until you suggested it.  Went through all the steps with each one and still no luck.  

I don't know if this matters or not but i use a netgear wireless adapter for my internet.  The actual router is hooked up to some one elses computer.  The properties under that connection on my computer don't have anything for CSNW but should i check for netware on the computer where the router is set up?
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Posted: August 4th, 2007, 4:28pm Report to Moderator
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That would seem to be the only other possibility.
Good luck.
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Posted: September 5th, 2007, 7:27pm Report to Moderator
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I am just curious if this was ever resolved!  I am having this same exact problem...down to the tee!  
I can't find Netware anywhere on my computer in order to disable it!!!  Help!!!
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Posted: October 4th, 2007, 9:48am Report to Moderator
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Sorry I don't have a solution, but I have the same problem.
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Posted: December 12th, 2007, 3:12am Report to Moderator
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i've found a solution on another forum. Radiance posted the EXACT problem that i was having.  noone else seemed to understand that it is NOT there. but this did work, and i would like for it to be here so that other people with the same problem can have this solution as well. emailwedgy in techarena said (WTC's insturctions were to uninstall it from network connections properties - what we have already tried to do but it wasn't there):

Hi all,

This is an answer, not a question - for those that have come across this problem but can't find CSNW in their network properties in XP.

A really easy fix that took me weeks to find an answer for.

Follow WTC's instructions to get to the network properties (of the network you are using currently). If you can't see any netware entries do the following:

1. Highlight your network, and click install button.
2. Make sure "Client" is highlighted, and click add.
3. Highlight "Client Service for Netware", click OK
4. Allow your PC to restart.

Now follow WTC's instructions again, and 'hopefully' CSNW should be there for you to uninstall.

Good luck. Such a simple answer for a stupid problem.

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